Handmade soap favours for your wedding or event

IMG_20170314_170611_587Party favours. A great dilemma for many event planners.

There was a time when every single wedding that our family went to provided a box (or bag) of jordan almonds. I come from an Italian background, so it makes sense, but since then I’ve realized that there are so many more options out there.

The Sage Soap Company offers our handmade soaps as wedding favours. Soaps make great gifts for a number of reasons. Here are 5 of them.

  1. They last a lot longer than jordan almonds.
  2. Everyone uses soap (we hope).
  3. They smell great.
  4. We can customize the labels with your names and the date of your event.
  5. You can choose from our long list of scents OR we can create your very own.

For more information or to inquire about ordering soaps for your wedding or event, please e-mail Carly at thesagesoapcompany@gmail.com.


5 Tips for using and storing natural products

How to make sure that you get the full benefits from your natural products.


At The Sage Soap Company – we don’t use any preservatives in our products. All of our ingredients are natural (and local and organic where possible). Unlike a lot of items with lots of preservatives and long shelf-lives that you can buy in mass-consumer stores, natural products have to be stored and used slightly differently. Here are some 5 tips simple tips for using our products (and all natural products!).

  1. Store them in a cool and dark place, out of direct sunlight. An ideal place is in a cabinet, or under the bathroom vanity.
  2. Use them sooner than later! Sometimes it’s nice to save nice products for a “special occasion” – I know that I’m guilty of this. However, it’s best to use the products when they are fresh so that you can get their maximum benefits.
  3. Use a soap tray! Keep your soap on a tray so that it can dry out after you use it.
  4. Clean your tub before taking a bath with a bath bomb or salts. Tubs that haven’t been cleaned recently, or older tubs will often have a “grime layer” at the water level when you’re done with your bath. If you give the tub a quick clean before taking a bath, this will minimize clean-up afterward.
  5. Use the “sniff test” rule. If you can’t remember how long you’ve had a product, sniff it. You will usually be able to tell if the oils in the product are starting to turn rancid.

Natural products are great for your skin and much better for the environment than what’s available in mass market shops. Supporting local also means putting your hard-earned dollars into the pockets of your fellow community members.

January Product List

Hi Everyone!

It’s been very busy for us since our launch in December. We even ran out of stock in December after our holiday market season. Very unexpected, but we are so grateful for your love and support!

As we contemplate which e-commerce platform to use, please check out my January product list. We offer free delivery in Guelph for orders that are $40 or more and ship within Canada and the U.S. (shipping is extra).

Click here for the list: ssc_productlistjanuary_retail

If you’d like to place an order, please e-mail us at thesagesoapcompany@gmail.com with the items that you’d like to purchase. If you require shipping, please allow me 1-2 business days to pack your order and get you an estimated shipping rate (typically between $10-20 CAD).

Also new: wholesale pricing! If you’re interested in our wholesale price list please send us an e-mail with your business name.

Much love.